Mega kite building workshop

Mega kite building workshop

Mega kite building workshopMega kite building during your corporate event, company day out, bachelor party, stag do or hen night. During this workshop you will be tested on your communication-, creativity- and teamwork skills.

You will in groups design and build a kite. Within the teams, different tasks will be spread among the participants so that everyone contributes to the final result.

Each group can first try its own kite and see if you get this high in the air. Then the kites are all put together to create one mega kite. How large this will be is dependent upon the number of participants of the workshop.

We can offer the Mega kite building workshop at our location in Amsterdam or at another location in the Netherlands or Belgium. The beach is obviously very likely to have the best chance for decent wind.

From 15 persons € 25.00 pp excl. 6% VAT
From 20 persons € 20.50 pp excl. 6% VAT
From 40 persons € 14.50 pp excl. 6% VAT
From 80 persons € 11.50 pp excl. 6% VAT
Duration: 2 hours

Mega kite building workshop, custom made offer

Mega Kite building is one of the activities and workshops of Kunstgras Events. If you want to combine the Mega kite building workshop with one of our Room Escape concepts, Laser Tag (on site), another activity, meetings, lunch, drinks or dinner please let us know, we will make a suitable offer. You can contact us on 020-4635850 or email us via the contact form below.

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