Boomwhackers workshop

Boomwhackers workshop

Boomwhackers workshopThis energetic Boomwhackers workshop makes each group play a cheerful and swinging musical composition in a short time . The group will be fresh, enthusiastic and inspired. We work on the principle of play and repeat. Each color Boomwhacker plays its own (simple) rhythm that complements each other so that the musical whole is more than the sum of its parts. In a short time, we can put a short musical rhythm-composition together, with a surprising result.
The Boomwhackers workshop is also ideal to use as energizer, as an icebreaker, interlude or bouncer; for every kind of meeting, conference, training, location or festive gathering.

Boomwhackers workshop content

The emphasis is on teamwork, dynamism and re-enacting simple rhythms. attention is paid to musical question and answer. See below an example of a Boomwhackers workshop at a Google Partners Accelerate.

We can offer the Boomwhackers workshop at our location in Amsterdam or at another location in the Netherlands or Belgium. Whether it is on the beach at Scheveningen or one of the many stadscafés in Antwerp. Let’s make some noise!

From 15 persons € 27.50 pp excl. 6% VAT
From 20 persons € 22.50 pp excl. 6% VAT
From 40 persons € 15.50 pp excl. 6% VAT
From 80 persons € 13.50 pp excl. 6% VAT
Duration: 1.5 hours

Boomwhackers workshop, custom made offer

The Boomwhackers workshop is one of the activities and workshops of Kunstgras Events. If you want to combine the Boomwhackers workshop with one of our Room Escape concepts, Laser Tag (on site), another activity, meetings, lunch, drinks or dinner please let us know, we will make a suitable offer. You can contact us on 020-4635850 or email us via the contact form below.

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