Totem Pole Making workshop

Totem Pole Making workshop

Totem Pole Making workshopMake your own Totem Pole during this great workshop Totem Pole. This workshop is ideal for teambuilding with your colleagues or bachelor party. These wooden statues were made by Indian tribes. The Indians consider the Totem Pole as a shrine and was often painted in bright colors. You work in groups of two on a piece of wood. After you have designed what you would like to make you can start with the chisel and hammer. If you have time you can paint your block. Because it takes a lot of time to process the wood, this workshop lasts about 3 hours. The wooden blocks are at the end of the workshop stacked together, creating a totem pole.
We can make the Totem Pole workshop at our location in Amsterdam or at another location in the Netherlands or Belgium.

From 15 persons € 42.50 pp excl. 6% VAT
From 20 persons € 37.50 pp excl. 6% VAT
from 40 persons € 32.50 pp excl. 6% VAT
from 80 persons € 29.50 pp excl. 6% VAT
Duration 3 hours

Totem Pole making workshop, custom made offer

Totem Pole Making is one of the activities and workshops of Kunstgras Events. If you want to combine the Totem Pole making workshop with one of our Room Escape concepts, Laser Tag (on site), another activity, meetings, lunch, drinks or dinner please let us know, we will make a suitable offer. You can contact us on 020-4635850 or email us via the contact form below.

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